hello!!! see that quote up there? yeah that's my motivation

basically I am trying to achieve a lifestyle that enables me to kick ass

if that's you're goal too and you need some inspiration here and there, my blog might help you and we could become great friends!

my ask is always open so never hesitate to ask anything you'd like to know

stay positive!
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Raspberries & chopped strawberries topped with coconut whip cream (sweetened with maple syrup), cashews, dark chocolate, and granola.

This looks amazing and I really want that awesome spoon!

FROM THE SHOOT LAST MONTH..I know there’s already one of these floating around but here’s another.. 

This isn’t my picture ☺️ on We Heart It.


Zucchini Noodles with Cilantro Lime Chicken



we picked blackberries yesterday

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